Its Cyber Monday! Are you shopping??

Pull out those credit cards folks, it is officially the biggest day in Internet Shopping!

Now I could sit here and tell you all the HOT deals at Best Buy or Amazon.com (which I totally recommend you doing), but I'm not here to talk about electronics, I'm here to talk craft!

So lets go on over to Etsy.com where you can buy and sell handmade goods. Here is just a taste of all the SWEET things you can buy today. It's so sweet its already giving me a cavity!

Heart shaped bruise - recycled notebook

Each of these craftsters have amazing talent, as well as GINORMOUS potential!
I am honored to be sharing that talent with you all today. Please check out their shops, and if you see anything you like, buy it! Or you could add it to your wish list, and demand that Santa get it for you With The Quickness!
Have a wonderful day everyone


Michie said...

Love the page. Thanks for all cool ideas. Will check this all out for my Xmas shopping....

Hyla Waldron said...

YOu listed some absolutely beautiful items! Susarto pointed me to your blog! Love her weirdos!

ninerz said...

kool page. i really like how the items are unique in there own ways. good job