I don't understand why it is so difficult for me to pick just one field to excel in.

I find myself wanting to make hand-bound journals, soaps & candles, and all sorts of ceramics, photogaphy and jewelry. They are all so completely different from each other. I am sure that I could possibly interweave a couple of them together, but I don't want to make mediocre crafts anymore. Besides, there is no way that I could afford to invest in all of them.

I think I am Craft ADD...

One friend thinks I should stay with Jewelry, while another thinks I should focus on candles. But honestly, this very minute, I really want to make soaps and journals. *sigh* something is wrong with me. Do you know how many books there are about soap making, much less anything else? HUNDREDS! I'd be broke even if every book cost only $1 lol (and they don't unfortunately)

Im torn.


Nostalgia Anyone?

It's Blockhead!
Originally uploaded by

It must seem as if I am not creating anything, but I am. I am just very picky with things, and usually end up turning down up to 70% of my work and never taking photos of them. And just because I take a photo or two doesn't mean I am going to upload it online to show off, y'know what I mean?

Anyway here is one of the other 30% of my creations =)
It is Block Head from that old TV show Gumby, anyone ever heard of it??

I am going through a Nostalgic period right now and I want to watch all of the cartoons and eat all of the candy (like fruit stripe) that I grew up on, y'know? So hopefully I can stir up some creative juices.

Go on, tell me about some of your Nostalgic shows and candy and such!




Here is a photo of my latest Etsy purchase:
Custom Birthday Card for my Sister!
Oh my gosh, my words can not fully express how excited I am about this birthday card for my older sister! No lie, this is exactly how I pictured it when I described to Helen at Storeyshop what I wanted (from the colors to the balloons and double hearts)!! You'd think custom work would take a while, but no, Helen is like... Superwoman she made this and shipped it off the very next day! Thank you, thank you, thank you ^_^

Custom Birthday Card for my Sister!
Even the wrapping was too cute not to take a picture of haha!



New Flickr Group!

I recently created a new group on Flickr called IBTOE (I Bought This On Etsy). There are only a few members as of right now, but I wanted to showcase some of the photos already in the pool. If you ever bought anything on Etsy, take a picture of it and come join us:

Where my money goes Betsy ornament from sadielouwho Superman Leather Cuff - Winged Star


i loved you from the first time i seed you...

My seed bead collection

Is it just me, or does it look like I have enough beads to last a life time (or two)? This isn't even my entire stock, it's only the SEED beads I wanted to show you. I'm not even sure if this is all of them.

I got this sudden urge to start beading yesterday. I have two unfinished creations right now:

Current Project (March 26, 2008) Current Project (March 26, 2008)

Would you believe me if I told you I wasn't even really into beading? By the looks of my collection, Im sure you're saying "NO", but I don't know the first thing about it honestly. Im still trying to figure out how I finished the last seed bead necklace I made, which was almost 2 years ago now...

Maybe I closed it with a crimp bead and a regular old lobster clasp.... No, I don't even think I knew what a crimp bead was back then, much less how to use one. Again, I am not really into beading.

So many BEADS!

Hey, maybe this will give me an excuse to expand my seemingly endless collection... I can't believe I have over 40 different colors and not ONE of them is.... white *sigh*. That really strains my creative juice flow. I think everything needs a little bit of white.


Etsy Favorites 03.18.08

Today I decided on featuring a few recycled, reconstructed, Trashionista items from Etsy!

I really like this fork bangle from
joyrog's store! It is hand-crafted from antique EPNS cutlery(at least 100 years old). I believe that joyrog is new to etsy (just joined in Jan.), and from Australia! Aussie Aussie Aussie OY OY OY! Haha. Make sure to check out all of her other recycled "jewellery" soon to become very popular around here.

Check out this handmade Thank You card from hoipolloi! It is completely, and I mean COMPLETELY recycled! Not only is this beautiful photo stitched onto handmade paper (made from eggcartons and toilet paper rolls),

"It will be shipped to you sewn up in sheets of re-used birthday tissue, between several layers of cardboard cut from cereal or granola boxes, with love."

You can also take a peek at Amanda's blog to see a few snapshots of her paper-making process: HERE

Here is what KateBlack likes to call a "Trash Book". It has been reconstructed out of a 1960's childs encyclopedia book! The cover features a violin & bow, a photo of moon craters, stained glass and more. This hand bound work of art is perfect for writing poems, songs, or journal entries, as well as sketches, designs, and photos!

Okay, I know it isn't Christmas anymore, but this reusable Bodywreath really made me laugh! It's funny because almost all of the dolls that I had growing up somehow managed to become naked and/or headless somewhere around my room. If only I had thought of this idea first, huh? Haha!

This bracelet is made from non other than recycled Black & White grocery bags! Arnym also has gorgeous clutches and purses made from this seemingly endless medium. The colors she uses are wonderful and can be made to match practically any article of clothing you have. This just goes to show that you really CAN reuse almost anything and in the most incredible ways!

Don't be fooled by the magnitude of this photo. These are tiny little gold, silver, and copper colored rings made by folding what looks like little strips of metallic paper! UNBE-WEAVE-ABLE! All rings are made to order so make sure to specify the size you'd like. Also don't forget to have a look at the rest of FrucciDesign's shop, full of many a wonderous paper things!


Are you ready for hundreds of tomatos?

If anyone is interested in gardening you might be interested in this event. TomatoMania is the worlds largest tomato seedling sale and it happens every year at the end of March or the begining of April. There are various locations around CA and CT. Don't worry if you do not live around these areas because you can purchase seedlings online at the TomatoMania website.



Just a peek
I've completed TWO necklaces to put in my shop today, and started on this one for myself. It's a ring that Dustin gave to me, and I love it so much! I wanted to add a few extras to it so that I can proudly wear it around my neck. It isn't completed yet though.



I can't wait till the day I have my own property, where I can plant my own garden, paint my own walls, and really feel at home. But alas since I am only 20 and still have no career, this is a very long-term goal.

I think I am feeling this way because I don't live alone or with anyone I love. Instead I live with 3 other girls who are either messy, selfish, or... well slutty. Not only that, but two of my roommates have a "guest". I say that in quotes because they HAVEN'T LEFT YET! It's been months, seriously. The worse thing about it is that my roommates "guests" get more guests in this house than we do, and they have no respect for the other people who live in this house. I can't count on both hands how many times I've been woken up at 2 or 3 in the morning by someone banging on our front door to be let in, or how many times someone has set off the fire alarm by either turning the stove too high, or forgetting that they are cooking. It's stressing I tell you.

So I am just going to close my eyes for a minute, and pretend that I am not even here. That no one is eating the food in my fridge when it is CLEARLY labeled with my name on it. I am going to imagine a day without a loud television watching itself because someone forgot to turn it off when they left the room. I am going to imagine a night without drunken people banging on my door asking for hugs and kisses. I am going to pretend there is no one with 2 ton feet banging up and down the stairs, no one crying and screaming at their boyfriends or girlfriends, no one asking me for money with absolutely no intention of returning it back to me.

No, Im just going to pretend that I am in my own space, my own quiet, peaceful garden.


Show me what you're workin' with!

Ill show you mine if you show me yours, hee hee!

I've been making friendship bracelets for the past few days.
Chocolate-covered light pink cherry anchors
I just added this one to my shop (great colors, no?)

IMG_3453 IMG_3458
IMG_3457 IMG_3459

Now show me your projects! If you can figure out how to post a pic in my comments section go right on ahead. If not, just tell me about it! Link to a photo if you must.

Happy Crafting Everyone!



But it was just a paper bag...

As I was doing my daily rounds reading my fellow crafters blogs, I saw what I thought was a duck running around outside of my window. But it was just a paper bag. It resembled a mini tornado because it just kept going around and around and around. I tried to get a video of it, but it flew WAYYY up into the air just when I pressed record. What a tease. I took a pic anyway just to illustrate what it did haha!


Big Peanut Butter Cookie

Mmmm just look at that BIG tasty cookie! It is seriously larger than my hand! I made some really tasty Peanut Butter Cookies last night for my roomates and I. Didn't meassure a THING! Haha I love being able to do that. I just dumped a HUGE amount of crunchy peanut butter in a bowl with an egg, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla extract, i-cant-believe-this-shit (its not butter), and a dash of salt and slowy mixed in some flour and VOILA homemade cookie dough! I know im weird, but I spread some butter on the bottom of the cookie sheet to give it a very slight buttery taste on the bottom of the cookies. I wish I made more, but it waas just enough batter for four REALLY LARGE cookies!


The post without any pictures!

As you can see (if you have been her before), I've changed my blogs layout. I originally just wanted to find a wider layout so that parts of my pictures wouldn't continue to get cut off in my posts, but all of the premade blogger layouts that I liked were the same size. So I ended up going in and changing parts of the HTML myself.

I also switched the order of things on my side-bar, took some annoying things off, and replaced them with slightly less annoying things. Like an RSS feed, that I don't really know too much about, but everyone seems to be into. I also added a few more people to the Blogs of Mention section (im sure that's not what I called it, but that sounds nicer, I should change it), as well as a donation button *GASP*

In the world of ETSY!
Today I've added a new listing in my shop, my first listing in a couple months actually. It is an over-priced Red Cross Friendship Bracelet. I just can't bear to sell it for 3 dollars knowing that I spent well over 3... even 4 hours tying knot after knot after knot AFTER KNOT to make it.

I also got a really cute message from Nancy at Circa Ceramics today in response to my feedback photos I also asked if they had a blog:

Thank you!!! We're back home, and I looked at our feedback & your pictures - those are FANTASTIC! You made our day lady!!! And sure, we can swap links for blogs! Here's ours:

We feel loved :D



Nancy :)

Haha, I made someones day, how awesome!

Lastly, I purchased some amazing Designer Scrapbooking Papers from Nicole at AmonetteN. I don't scrapbook, nor do I know how, but I can't resist pretty paper! I plan to use these as backdrops for my photographs, I think that is going to be pretty cool. I have a feeling the bright orange and green backdrop im using now is going to get very old VERY quickly.



Circa Ceramics @ Etsy!

Circa Ceramics My new mugs!
About a week or so ago I said to a friend
"You know what I want?"
"What do you want?"
"I want a new mug. A BIG ONE! I want... A bowl with a handle on it!"
Circa Ceramics
I bought these mugs from Circa Ceramics.

Simple Scrapbooks Resolutions Sweepstakes!


Entry Form: CLICK HERE
One grand-prize winner and a friend will win a 3-night scrapbooking retreat with Simple Scrapbooks editors Wendy Smedley and Angie Lucas at the Sweetwater House in Fort Morgan, Colo., May 28-31. Prize includes lodging, meals, and all class materials ($600 total value!). Travel not included.

First-prize winners will receive the following scrapbooking supplies:
# 3 winners: QuicKutz Silhouette digital die-cutter ($369 value each)
# 3 winners: 6-month subscription to ScrapJammies.com kit club ($250 value each)
# 3 winners: Free pass to the Photography 101 online class ($150 value each)
# 3 winners: Karen Foster planner and calendar kits ($100 value each)

Expiration Date: 2/29/2008


Nahia Creation’s Giveaway!

Yay, I won a giveaway!
I just got some YUMMY Chocolate Espresso Soap in the mail from Nahia Creations!
Defining Desire Giveaway
And she included some Peppermint Lemongrass Lip Balm!
I think im in love, I survive on Lip Balm and Chap Stick ^_^
Nahia Creations Giveaway
Check out Shelly Ann Jones': Etsy, Site, & Blog. THANK YOU!



Red Cross Friendship Bracelet



wohoo! I made myself a light box


IMG_3302 IMG_3303

I know it's cheap but it works!
I cut squares holes out of a box and covered them
with plastic garbage bags.

Wasn't too hard. Didn't even take an hour.



I just joined this site called Indepublic!

I don't know too much, but by the looks of it, it's like myspace for those who love to create and those who love to appreciate!

It was really easy for me to create my profile, no confusion there.
At Indepublic you can interect with others by joining groups, or getting involved in the forums. There you can meet new people to add to your friends list and invite people you already know to join in the fun.

One thing I really like is how easily you can upload photos. Not only can you send in photos from your computer or phone, but indiepublic is compatible with Flickr, so if you are already a member and have photos up, you don't have to go trough the hassle of uploading, sorting and describing each photo. You can even choose which galleries you do and do not want to share.
(I uploaded a total of 30 photos in about 2 min. full of descriptions and links that I had on my Flickr account)

I believe you can also upload videos and post blogs there, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. And now there is a Learning Library where you can read marketing articles, diy tips, inspirational stories and more!

All of this and I have been a member for less than 2 hours!
I can only imagine what else I am about to find out from this place...

Bat Necklace



New Pendant


Im making this into a necklace right now.
Will update pics later today

Etsy Favorites 02.11.08

Cuff Cult makes leather cuffs like this rockin winged star cuff by recycling vintage belts! This is my favorite cuff at the moment and im happy yet sad that it sold already, because I was planning on getting it for a certain someone I know.

All the way from Italy, these handbound journals are unique and hip. All the paper has been ripped and cut sheet by sheet and each book is glued and sewed with care. Kurberry has a very fresh personality and I know this just by looking at her colorful shop! She has prints available for purchase as well.

Samaria Project's precious little birdies can now guard your precious jewelry! Each paper mache box is hand painted with love and care (awwww). She also has jewelry, scarves and Rockies for sale.

Can you believe this electric blue tote bag is made out of duct tape?!
I can't either! It's got a very fashionable look, and has a magnetic closure, you can also get one custom made with pockets and pen holders if you choose. KMC Designs also sells really funky wallats and purses. There is a wicked Snoopy wallet that Im eyeing right now....

Have a nice day folks,
Peace, love, and sales!


Letter to one half of my new pair of earrings...

Dear Earring,

Why did you fall off? I JUST BOUGHT YOU! What the BLOG's wrong with you? Where are you?? Are you in my driveway? Are you on the floor of Fred Meyer? What the BLOG am I supposed to do with only one earring? It's not the BLOGGING 80's for christsake.


*curse words have been replaced




When you wear them the warmth from your body reveals the effects of glabal warming...


(click on the photo to buy a pair or check out what else they've got)



Since I haven't posted since Dec,

I was gifted a pack of Prisma colored pencils!
I should be getting them in the mail on tues.
I think I will pull out my shrink plastic and
create some interesting pendants.
Im not very good at drawing though,
so Ill probably just find some coloring book to use.
I Can't wait to show off what I make!

Every time I go into the Etsy chatrooms
people ask me why nothing is in my shop.
I tell them that I am not really a seller,
& that crafting is my hobby not my job.
I actually buy more than I sell on Etsy.
Then they just try and promote their shop to me, haha.
But I like it.
I find really interesting people to talk to,
and awesome shops to look at and promote here =]

I don't know what I want to do with RawSoil.
At first I wanted it to be more professional than personal,
but at the same time I want to post about my progress as well.
Hmm, I know it's my blog and I can do with it whatever I please,
but Id also like to hear everyone eles opinions on this.
Would you prefer just to see helpful links in here?
As well as shop promotions?

All I know is that I like PICTURES!
A lot of them, haha.
That is what attracts me to blogs,
when they are visually as well as mentally pleasing =]