I don't understand why it is so difficult for me to pick just one field to excel in.

I find myself wanting to make hand-bound journals, soaps & candles, and all sorts of ceramics, photogaphy and jewelry. They are all so completely different from each other. I am sure that I could possibly interweave a couple of them together, but I don't want to make mediocre crafts anymore. Besides, there is no way that I could afford to invest in all of them.

I think I am Craft ADD...

One friend thinks I should stay with Jewelry, while another thinks I should focus on candles. But honestly, this very minute, I really want to make soaps and journals. *sigh* something is wrong with me. Do you know how many books there are about soap making, much less anything else? HUNDREDS! I'd be broke even if every book cost only $1 lol (and they don't unfortunately)

Im torn.

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Caity said...

What I found with hobbies is to do whatever the heck you feel like. I tried excelling in crocheting, knitting, friendship bracelets, embroidery, and then I realized that I don't care how good I am. It's the fun I have when I am crafty. Now I just do what I want when I want and it doesn't feel like a chore anymore.