The post without any pictures!

As you can see (if you have been her before), I've changed my blogs layout. I originally just wanted to find a wider layout so that parts of my pictures wouldn't continue to get cut off in my posts, but all of the premade blogger layouts that I liked were the same size. So I ended up going in and changing parts of the HTML myself.

I also switched the order of things on my side-bar, took some annoying things off, and replaced them with slightly less annoying things. Like an RSS feed, that I don't really know too much about, but everyone seems to be into. I also added a few more people to the Blogs of Mention section (im sure that's not what I called it, but that sounds nicer, I should change it), as well as a donation button *GASP*

In the world of ETSY!
Today I've added a new listing in my shop, my first listing in a couple months actually. It is an over-priced Red Cross Friendship Bracelet. I just can't bear to sell it for 3 dollars knowing that I spent well over 3... even 4 hours tying knot after knot after knot AFTER KNOT to make it.

I also got a really cute message from Nancy at Circa Ceramics today in response to my feedback photos I also asked if they had a blog:

Thank you!!! We're back home, and I looked at our feedback & your pictures - those are FANTASTIC! You made our day lady!!! And sure, we can swap links for blogs! Here's ours:

We feel loved :D



Nancy :)

Haha, I made someones day, how awesome!

Lastly, I purchased some amazing Designer Scrapbooking Papers from Nicole at AmonetteN. I don't scrapbook, nor do I know how, but I can't resist pretty paper! I plan to use these as backdrops for my photographs, I think that is going to be pretty cool. I have a feeling the bright orange and green backdrop im using now is going to get very old VERY quickly.


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Allison said...

Welcome back into Etsy-ing ;]