Etsy Favorites 02.11.08

Cuff Cult makes leather cuffs like this rockin winged star cuff by recycling vintage belts! This is my favorite cuff at the moment and im happy yet sad that it sold already, because I was planning on getting it for a certain someone I know.

All the way from Italy, these handbound journals are unique and hip. All the paper has been ripped and cut sheet by sheet and each book is glued and sewed with care. Kurberry has a very fresh personality and I know this just by looking at her colorful shop! She has prints available for purchase as well.

Samaria Project's precious little birdies can now guard your precious jewelry! Each paper mache box is hand painted with love and care (awwww). She also has jewelry, scarves and Rockies for sale.

Can you believe this electric blue tote bag is made out of duct tape?!
I can't either! It's got a very fashionable look, and has a magnetic closure, you can also get one custom made with pockets and pen holders if you choose. KMC Designs also sells really funky wallats and purses. There is a wicked Snoopy wallet that Im eyeing right now....

Have a nice day folks,
Peace, love, and sales!

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