I can't wait till the day I have my own property, where I can plant my own garden, paint my own walls, and really feel at home. But alas since I am only 20 and still have no career, this is a very long-term goal.

I think I am feeling this way because I don't live alone or with anyone I love. Instead I live with 3 other girls who are either messy, selfish, or... well slutty. Not only that, but two of my roommates have a "guest". I say that in quotes because they HAVEN'T LEFT YET! It's been months, seriously. The worse thing about it is that my roommates "guests" get more guests in this house than we do, and they have no respect for the other people who live in this house. I can't count on both hands how many times I've been woken up at 2 or 3 in the morning by someone banging on our front door to be let in, or how many times someone has set off the fire alarm by either turning the stove too high, or forgetting that they are cooking. It's stressing I tell you.

So I am just going to close my eyes for a minute, and pretend that I am not even here. That no one is eating the food in my fridge when it is CLEARLY labeled with my name on it. I am going to imagine a day without a loud television watching itself because someone forgot to turn it off when they left the room. I am going to imagine a night without drunken people banging on my door asking for hugs and kisses. I am going to pretend there is no one with 2 ton feet banging up and down the stairs, no one crying and screaming at their boyfriends or girlfriends, no one asking me for money with absolutely no intention of returning it back to me.

No, Im just going to pretend that I am in my own space, my own quiet, peaceful garden.

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