Etsy Favorites 03.18.08

Today I decided on featuring a few recycled, reconstructed, Trashionista items from Etsy!

I really like this fork bangle from
joyrog's store! It is hand-crafted from antique EPNS cutlery(at least 100 years old). I believe that joyrog is new to etsy (just joined in Jan.), and from Australia! Aussie Aussie Aussie OY OY OY! Haha. Make sure to check out all of her other recycled "jewellery" soon to become very popular around here.

Check out this handmade Thank You card from hoipolloi! It is completely, and I mean COMPLETELY recycled! Not only is this beautiful photo stitched onto handmade paper (made from eggcartons and toilet paper rolls),

"It will be shipped to you sewn up in sheets of re-used birthday tissue, between several layers of cardboard cut from cereal or granola boxes, with love."

You can also take a peek at Amanda's blog to see a few snapshots of her paper-making process: HERE

Here is what KateBlack likes to call a "Trash Book". It has been reconstructed out of a 1960's childs encyclopedia book! The cover features a violin & bow, a photo of moon craters, stained glass and more. This hand bound work of art is perfect for writing poems, songs, or journal entries, as well as sketches, designs, and photos!

Okay, I know it isn't Christmas anymore, but this reusable Bodywreath really made me laugh! It's funny because almost all of the dolls that I had growing up somehow managed to become naked and/or headless somewhere around my room. If only I had thought of this idea first, huh? Haha!

This bracelet is made from non other than recycled Black & White grocery bags! Arnym also has gorgeous clutches and purses made from this seemingly endless medium. The colors she uses are wonderful and can be made to match practically any article of clothing you have. This just goes to show that you really CAN reuse almost anything and in the most incredible ways!

Don't be fooled by the magnitude of this photo. These are tiny little gold, silver, and copper colored rings made by folding what looks like little strips of metallic paper! UNBE-WEAVE-ABLE! All rings are made to order so make sure to specify the size you'd like. Also don't forget to have a look at the rest of FrucciDesign's shop, full of many a wonderous paper things!


Bodywreath said...

So glad to see that Bodywreath still has fans during the off-season! Thank you for including me in your post.
Craft on!

espionage said...

Thank you so much for making me a part of your blog! You featured me beside several other of my favorite sellers. I mean a gorgeous, tribal-looking fork bangle? Who knew utensils could be so gorgeous?

Arny said...

Thank you very much! Blog is great.

Fru said...

Trashionista...isn't it the coolest style?!

Thank you Michelle!