Since I haven't posted since Dec,

I was gifted a pack of Prisma colored pencils!
I should be getting them in the mail on tues.
I think I will pull out my shrink plastic and
create some interesting pendants.
Im not very good at drawing though,
so Ill probably just find some coloring book to use.
I Can't wait to show off what I make!

Every time I go into the Etsy chatrooms
people ask me why nothing is in my shop.
I tell them that I am not really a seller,
& that crafting is my hobby not my job.
I actually buy more than I sell on Etsy.
Then they just try and promote their shop to me, haha.
But I like it.
I find really interesting people to talk to,
and awesome shops to look at and promote here =]

I don't know what I want to do with RawSoil.
At first I wanted it to be more professional than personal,
but at the same time I want to post about my progress as well.
Hmm, I know it's my blog and I can do with it whatever I please,
but Id also like to hear everyone eles opinions on this.
Would you prefer just to see helpful links in here?
As well as shop promotions?

All I know is that I like PICTURES!
A lot of them, haha.
That is what attracts me to blogs,
when they are visually as well as mentally pleasing =]



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